Archer Spade Performance Series

The Archer Spade Performance Series (ASPS) is curated by Archer Spade to bring friends, colleagues, and others to Philadelphia who fit into our vision of music. Shows happen monthly at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia and sometimes at other venues.

So far, we’ve presented: Jeff Carey, Sebastian Darkly, Carl Testa, Daniel Blake/James Ilgenfritz/Kevin Shea, Keir Neuringer (ensemble), Matt Weston, Mick Barr, Jeremiah Cymerman, Toshimaru Nakamura & Co., Chris Forsyth/Nate Wooley, Jesse Kudler/Ian Fraser, Anthony Coleman/Ashley Paul, Julius Masri/Joo Won Park, Mary Lattimore/Jeff Zeigler, Adam Caine, Broadcloth, Carl Testa, Travis Woodson Guitar Trio, Joe Morris/William Paker/Marco Eneidi.



No shows booked at the moment.